Saturday, February 9, 2008

Go Guam!

One of the rare uses of the Guam tag was spotted over at DailyKos tonight, and as a bonus it is convention related...

BlueCollarElitist writes:
Forget Washington (though it's where I'm now a delegate for Sen. Obama), forget Nebraska--and Louisiana, too.

The real news for Mr. Obama is coming soon!!!

And, no, it's not Puerto Rico. It's Guam. The brief snippet from the AP article is below:

Cultural and economic considerations drive Obama's expectations. His campaign projects him winning primaries in Oregon and Vermont, which have a big share of upper-income voters, while getting clobbered in more rural West Virginia and Kentucky. The campaign also projects Clinton winning in heavily Hispanic areas, and Obama to take multi-ethnic Guam....

Read the whole diary at Dkos, and while you are there check out the Guam shout-out by DHinMI:
As people try to wrap their heads around the nuances and weird quirks of the Democratic Party's process for determining our Presidential nominee, something that will probably begin to raise some eyebrows and prompt some discussion is that our next president could be chosen by people whose votes for president aren't counted in the electoral college. That's right, the Democratic nominee for President could be determined by the votes of delegates from the US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa and Puerto Rico.


Anonymous said...

I'm biased, of course, but I love that you are giving it up for Guam, the name of your blog and just about everything else here...Thanks much!

Aaron said...

Thanks for the encouragement!

I answered this comment a different way, but made a really funny typo that I would rather not share.

Anonymous said...

okay, I have to ask. What is your fascination with Guam? I found your website by accident and don't know who you are. The island is small, but beautiful. If kicking back on a beach with a beer in your hand in the company of good friends while you watch the sun go down is your idea of a good time,then Guam is perfect. The Washington Post article was ignorance at its finest, and probably a prime example of journalistic arrogance. That "journalist" probably pulled information from web sites and wrote that with all the finesse of a pig in a mud bog. Before I get carried away, back to my original point ... why the fascination for Guam when you're so far away?