Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It's been a busy bit of time for me. I have gotten engaged. Pretty cool.
But with the Guam caucus coming up, I can't let the blog go silent, so I will start off with an introduction to Mugen Tasogare. I always feel a bit invasive when I read someone's journal, but for some reason I found this touching and I wanted to share...
English is just boring. Read, listen to Dr. Thomas talk, answer questions, get stamped. Evey once in a while she'll cry. It's kind of sad, but, you know. Today it was

She loved him all her life
and when she thought he might die
she tied her wrist to his at night
so that his pulse would not flutter
away from her suddenly
and leave her stranded
-Lynne Alvarez

I really like the poem too, but I don't know. She didn't cry last time she read it to class, and she has to read it to all of her English classes. Does she cry every time?
We're supposed to write poetry, but I'm not really sure what to write. I've never been very good at anything, so it's taken me all day and I still haven't really thought of anything.

Sign Language was a little different from usual. We drew pictures of signs that were symbolic. I drew a boat, which wasn't my idea, and I didn't even draw it. Once again. Lack of any skill. I still liked Ariel's better, even though she drew both mine and her's.
Oh, and I learned "Tokau" or however you spell it. Chamorro. It means "You're going to get it," or "You're in trouble now!" I think. It's nice to learn a few words in that class, because my grandpa doesn't actually speak the language anymore, he just understands what's being said if it's slow enough. He hasn't lived on Guam for how many years?

U.S. History has a lot of dumb people.

My own evening was spent at Drinking Liberally in Denver. Jason Rosenberg was in town and he and I had the opportunity to talk about this small window in time when bloggers imagine into being a history that the Convention can choose to be a part of creating, or merely stand by and watch as the bloggers create their own history. By this time next cycle, blogs will be something different, and perhaps more mature and settled; traditional, perhaps.

This is the dynamic moment of inventing. I hope the DNCC learns to embrace it, but I don't see how they can rebuild the sort of knowledge about the landscape in time with someone new and really understand and foster the space needed to take the leap forward.

I am willing to be surprised. They have a smart team over there, and I am not saying tokau yet. Besides, this was always something we were going to have to ignite for ourselves. We'll crash that gate if we have to, but imagine what other purposes we could put that energy to if the gate opened wide and fulfilled it's promise. One way or another, this will be the year for change.

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Congratulations on the engagement!!